A-Plus Mortar Additives
Comparison of W&H A-Plas with Lime

W&H A-Plas
• Made of high polymerization cellulose.
• When mixed with water, it raise the water molecules, retains water required for hydration & enhances the density of mortar.
• improve the workability & finishes of the plaster by reduce shrinkage cracks
• Increase the viscosity and strength of cement.
• Increase the bond & strenght of the plastered wall.
• Slight heat is produced when mixed with water.
• Useful in acceleration the hydration of cement & save chemical product and it “does not” contain clean agent to lighten and smoothen the sllurry.
W&H A-plas is a powder additive for better dispering of portland cement into plastering & bricklaying cement mortar. W&H A-plas is made of high polymer polymerization cellulose, when mixed with water it raises the water molecules, retains water required for hydration and enhance the density of the mortar. With W&H A-plas, can save time and labour while getting better quality mortar and plaster.
Benefit of W&H A-Plas Mortar Additive:

• Increase strength & bond
• Improves the workability
• Better-hydrated effect
• Reduce cost
• Keep construction site clean
• Easy stock check
• Reduce shrinkage cracks

Technical Data Description
• Color Brown
• Cement Wall crete / OPC compatibility
• Additive High polymer polymerization cellulose water base
• Fire Risk Does not spread OR suport fire
• Toxicity Non-Toxic
• Safety Precaution Wash with plenty of water if contacted eye treatement immediately
• Packing 100g per packed

• Made of calsium hydroxide.
• Looses water easily after being combined with cement.
• Produces greater shrinkage and damage to the strength of cement.
• High heats is produced & crack mark may result on the wall.