TCT Machinery
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03 Three Phase, 415V
Plastering Main Machine (TCT-200M Series)
Roller Configuration:
Double Extra Roller Compress with 16 pcs Roller

38 X 36 X 1250 (mm)
Casting Mould Design In Rolling Extrusion System
Patented product, MY-123721-A. (Any infringement are prohibited)
Key Specification / Special Features:
Dimension (mm) 530(W) x 1350(L) x 760(H)
Weight 270kg
Motor 5 HP
Delivery 70 meter (Vertical) and 150 meter (Horizontally)
The excellent casting mould design in rolling extrution system allow and enhance more durability of the extruding tube, the inverter controlled system able to prejudice and safety control of the overloading issues. This machine handles a wide range of work and operates smoothly without interruption when feeding cement. The superior cyclodrive design over converntional gear tooth design, with all torgue transmitting parts operate in compression, allow for many teeth to share the load and enhance high pumping result with minimize exhaust of Extruuding Tube.
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