Our Service and support are specifically tailored for the building industry allowing industry players to save time money, and achieve timely delivery. The value we provide allows them to transfer the value to their clients. TCT’s ability to meet and esceed challenges in a short duration since its inception is also largely due to its highly skilled staff and their ability to provide to provide solid technical expertisen and after sales service.

Some of the other benefits included;

• Speedier project deliveries
• higher quality finishes
• Reduces on site manpower
• Reduces material wastage
• Time and cost saving
• Continuous R&D for better products & services
• High standard of quality & professionalism
• Full back up on call phone service..
TCT provides the below services and support for our Plastering Machines :

(i) Machinery Sales & Warranty
(ii) Short & Long Term Machinery Rental
(iii) Machine Maintenance Services

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